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Best Apps for New Parents & Pregnancy

Being a parent is one of the hardest journeys ever, which is why many parents experience indescribable stress when raising happy, healthy, and balanced children. In the past, there were few resources that parents could use to gain experience. In short, many of them rely on babysitters, day-care centres, and family members when they want to get rid of something. Today, thanks to technology, the situation has indeed improved, especially for mothers, because having immediate aid help in their pockets can definitely reduce stress and improve parenting.

First cry:   This app is useful because it provides all the necessary information about pregnancy, parenting and health, and gives parents the opportunity to compete and win prizes. In addition, First Cry has several articles about parents, covering a variety of topics, including toilet training, nutrition, and behaviour.it  It is particularly useful if you have to share the details with your baby’s doctor or consultant. First cry is one of the best app for kid’s shopping, where you get lot of varieties in low range to high range,

If you want to shop for new born baby in less time, then this app is the best. In this app everything available related to new born baby is found, that too very much varieties. In which baby goods are available from New Born to 9 years old, that too in very good quality. First Cry is an all-in-one tracking app for your child. You can  . It’s easy to share such information with others using the sync feature, which makes it ideal for babysitting . Everyone will always know how the baby’s recently activity,  making comparisons easy.

Features :

  •  Track the growth of  baby and maintain growth chart for comparison.
  • App also allows you to set vaccination reminders.
  • Save your child’s medical records.
  • Also has a Storybook feature where you can use your baby’s photos and videos to create a digital scrapbook.
  •  It’s very useful for online doctor consultant.
  •  Use it to record feeding times, breastfeeding, naps, diaper changes.
  •  All in one tracking app.
  •  Shopping app.
  • Guidance for new parents
  • Helpful  for pregnancy women .
  • Parenting app.

Baby Centre : Baby Centre app mostly useful for baby development and pregnancy tracker for new and expectant parents. In this app you will get pregnancy tracker and baby development calendar app for mothers-to-be will guide you through your pregnancy week-by-week, day-by-day. Your exact stage of pregnancy. Once your baby is born, your pregnancy app automatically becomes a daily parenting guide with the tool to help you think about your first year as a new parent.

Features :

  • Baby due date calculator .
  • Fetal Development interactive image.
  • Inside the uterus video.
  • Birth club or community Group.
  • Pregnancy Calendar.
  • Tips for taking care yourself .
  • baby care advice.
  • Baby safety & health articles and videos.
  • Baby name finder by meaning.
  • Explore a daily pregnancy news feed, food and nutrition idea.
  • Health and pregnancy exercise advice.
  • Weekly checklist and reminders.
  • Tips for dealing with morning sickness & pregnancy symptoms .
  • Get workout tips to help keep your pregnancy weight gain in a healthy zone .
  • Community Group for expecting and new moms.

MYLO: Get best app free to help you during pregnancy and motherhood . Here you get all the information related to pregnancy, find helpful tools like Baby growth , Tracker ,Pregnancy and baby sleep music , Baby diet chart ,Due date calculator ,parenting tips, Baby shopping, Baby Millstones, During pregnancy Right sleep position .If you are having any problem related to pregnancy and after delivery, then you can ask MYLO ladies and also share your opinion with experience .


  • Get pregnancy tips
  • Ask question within community ,Get best advise with in 5 minute .
  • Discuss common issue& symptoms
  • Discuss about labor & Delivery related question
  • Medical advice
  • Chinses Gender Predictors
  • capture &share memories during your pregnancy millstones.
  • Tips on being a new mom
  • Tips on new born baby

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