Blackt Electrotech PIR Sensor with Light and Energy Saving Motion Detector Wall Mounted Switch (White)

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Blackt Electrotech PIR Sensor with Light and Energy Saving Motion Detector Wall Mounted Switch (White)


  • Sensitivity Adjustable: Turn On Lights during Day or nights
  • It can use with lamps, incandescent lamps (bulbs), old-fashioned fluorescent lamps, electronic fluorescent ring lamps, spotlights, transformers, small electrical appliances, and other all other appliance
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    Just after 8 months of purchase my customers start complaining about reduced detection power. Even the pieces kept in my office are also performing poor. I am not happy with this product.
    An impressive PIR (Passive Infrared) motion sensor. Has a very good response time. Triggers the sensor when a heat emitting body moves in its detection field (works fine for 160+ degree coverage & up to 10-11 meters distance). A problem which I noticed was that minor motions, even human, are ignored and if the device is connected to a light in a room you will have to make serious motions between the set time period or else the sensor won't trigger. So if you are powering a light source with this sensor in a computer room you will have to wave your hand or make some sort of motion within the set time delay or else the sensor will trigger off.
    Lux doesn’t work at night mode if i change it to day then i work normal if i change it to night it doesn’t work at all.. and ovisally I brought this item to use for nights not in days.. please replace my product
    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.  i don't care if the sensitivity gets from 12 m to 1 m after few days because this is gonna be a door motion detection switch which is less than 1m.Will update if any issue occursCurrently its amazingThe adjustment dial was so tight and unable to adjust... so i used cutting plier to adjust and now it became lose...i guess its tight and we have to break before using itBut both dial worksHaven't used lux control till nowDefinitely not easy to installYou need basic knowledge for the wiring.if you do it wrong.. you will short circuit and damage the circuit
    When I bought the item I was mentally prepared it must be Chiness product for the money I am paying I am not expecting an item studded with diamonds.That besides the point. This is my third buy and is working as I expected. I put it inside the shower Cubical so when we get it the light switches on automatically. It serves for me.Not sure how long it works. For me if it works for 6 months it is ok. Spent 600 so 100 a month. Twice bath four family members so 240 on and offs a month. It is ok. I get my money worth.Thanks.
    there are very few things which work 100 percent they are advertised.and this is one of those.It is easy to install if you can read and know live and neutral in electricty..And its motion sensing is great..has adjustment of timer and luminous which works great.I am enjoying this switch in my walk in closet where everytime i used go for a few seconds ,i had to turn on switch of light now this little switch (which looks like camera though) does that job for me..I am enjoying it.
    It's a good product, what's missing is it only moves up and down and not sideways, and that's a negative point. So to get the proper effect I had to install it a metre away from the light which means exposed ugly wires. It works now after one day properly, like staying off when there is another light on or it's day time,but the Time is not as described It remains on for at least minimum 3 minutes. I have uploaded a picture for the settings which have worked well. If there was one that could move up down and sideways then this would be the best item
    Pros: It worksCons:1.The dial / knob for lux and delay are too small2.No cut in plastic enclosure to pin the outgoing wire3. The symbol for lux and delay to not correspond at all. It's just trial and error exercise4. Was incapable of powering a tube light. Best works for lighter load and LED. Incandescent /CFL will have really short life span.For an enthusiastic the small things may not matter but if you are opting for the products professionally then these small things matter a lot.

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